andromeda is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio.

We design for the future, in ways that make sense right now. We’re strategic experts and creative explorers committed to solving complex challenges. With smart tools and global resources, we examine the implications of every brand choice, create new experiences, and open doors to opportunity.

Our work encompasses graphics and identity, social media, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, Interactive & new media, advertising and communications, sound and motion and things yet to be discovered. . .
Our partners are all practicing designers, and whether working collaboratively or independently, they do so in friendship.

Our structure is unique. We are the only major design studio where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client. This reflects our conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and — above all — personal commitment, and is demonstrated by a portfolio that spans five years, many industries, and clients of every size.

What Make Us Special

Our business is all about our relationships with clients. We exist, we create, we deliver, we succeed because of our clients and their trust in us. We work closely with them, add value in building their brands, create demand for their products and services and enhance their market share in today's competitive market place. As an acknowledgment to the effectiveness of our result oriented strategies, our list of clients include a number of blue-chip corporate in the region.
Some of the world’s best-loved brands trust us to create compelling results for them every day. Here’s some work we’ve done for them, and for home-grown and regional names that we’re helping go for gold.
Adra Beauty
Central Office
Our Ajodaniye studio has been a part of our story from day one. It’s the birthplace of many iconic brands that have withstood the test of time and evolving markets. Now the team continues its legacy of driving new ways of thinking of brands.
Design Studio
Located in the heart of Tehran’s historic Financial District, our Iranshahr studio partners with both new and established brands. Since opening, it has been boldly reimagining organisations in every industry from culture to tech.